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I dare say that I'm not like most web designers that you'll find; those who get caught up in the aesthetic aspects but don't give as much thought to the sales system or digital solutions that actually can solve your business problems.

I deeply care about and seek to really understand your business; what your business needs, and the goals you want to achieve for it to flourish.

My curiosity and desire to learn have given me a broad knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, sales, web development and design. These are my arsenals to assist you in achieving your digital success.

In short, I can create not only a good-looking website, but one that also empowers your business in many other ways.

If you think I can be helpful for you now or maybe in the future, don't hesitate to add me to your network :)

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My Core Skills

Web design :

  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Persuassion Techniques
  • Understanding of Information Architecture Concepts
  • Creating Lo-Fi / Hi-Fi design and prototyping with Figma/AdobeXd

Web development :

  • HTML, CSS, javascript
  • ReactJs, Redux, NextJs
  • NodeJs, SQL, PHP, Git
  • Wordpress Implementation
  • Webflow

Digital Marketing :

  • Graphic design
  • Video production & Editing
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • E-mail marketing automation
  • Clickfunnel

Some of My Cool Projects

Agus Lifework : Personal Branding Site for Indonesian Top CEO

A personal brand helps determine who you are and where you are going. Without a clear direction, you might get stuck in your current path. In addition to that, having a strong personal brand will also attract unexpected opportunities.

Mr. Syabarrudin, an award winning CEO in Indonesia, understands this very well and he trusted me to design and develop a website where he can share his stories and his visions to the world. This website also serves as his digital CV.

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Elisabeth Breathwork : Online Coaching and E-learning Site

Elisabeth Finocchiaro is one of the top breathwork coaches based in Norway. She has organized hundreds of live events and helped of a lot of people improve their lives by teaching them breathing techniques.

By having creative and open minded nature she saw big opportunities in digitalizing her coaching business. She trusted me to design and develop a beautiful website packed with critical features to support her business.

Apart for being a "digital HQ" for her business, this website also serves as her sales funnel where she can automatically qualify, sell, retrieve payment, and deliver digital products she sells. The website also has member only page which serves a learning platform for her students who bought her courses.

The Online courses that she launched for her audiences through the website enabled her to keep generating good amount of revenue for her business despite of COVID-19 crisis.

you can hear the testimonial about her experience working with me here

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Studio Yoga AS

Studio Yoga AS is a place where yoga is for everyone and everybody. It's located in Stord, Norway.

They first approached me to set up an automated payment system for their membership subscriptions so they can save more time and energy. After I've finished with that, I was also commissioned to redesign the website and give it a fresher look.

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Many people have poor relationships in their work and private life because they are afraid to communicate their needs and feelings honestly. At Assertiv.dk, they will help you find the courage to communicate assertively, so that you can be better understood by others, increase your self-respect and improve your relationships.

In this project I helped them to design and develop a website that can build trust effectively, and capture qualified lead. I also design their logo and assist them in creating a solid digital marketing strategy.

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Bethany Gynecology Clinic : Brochure Site

Bethhany Gynecology Clinic is a safe place for women to embrace their "choice" without worry of being judged. To get more women know about this place, having a strong digital presence is vital.

Having a simple brochure website can help to achieve just that. It can also conveys more detailed informations that visitors might need.

This website is designed to establish trust and encourage visitor to get free consultation.

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Fantoft Stavkirke : Brochure Site

Fantoft Stavkirke is a unique wooden church decorated with Viking's ornaments and carvings built in 12th century. It has been a popular touristic destination in Bergen.

The Website that I designed and developed helps the future tourist by containing all the important information that they might need to know while planning their trip.

Not only that, a small element of persuasion has also been added in this website to convince the web visitor to go visit this wonderful church.

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